• Quickwire (optional) clamps are compatible with both the Switch & Load and the Splitter junction boxes. Clamps are sold in bags of 10.
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    We appreciate buying into a new wiring method can be daunting, and to address this issue we're offering a Quickwire starter kit at a reduced price for a limited time. One Quickwire Starter Kit includes:

    • 2 x Switch & Loads
    • 2 x Splitters
    • 1 x Wire Strippers
    • Free Delivery

    (If you wish to change ratio of Switch & Loads to Splitters, let us know at checkout)

  • (Stockist enquiries) email [email protected] Free shipping on orders over £40 The Quickwire Switch & Load allows for two power connections, one switch connection and one load connection. Use the first power inlet to connect power to your circuit. Plug-in your luminaire and switch cable to complete your circuit. Each cable inlet is prewired, and labelled for quick and simple identification. To take power on to a new circuit/room simply connect another Switch and Load using the second power inlet. If you want to connect multiple luminaires you can use a Quickwire Splitter.  
  • (Stockist enquiries) email [email protected] Free shipping on orders over £40 The Quickwire Splitter is for use in conjunction with a Switch & Load. It allows for connection of multiple luminaires. Connect to the 'load' inlet of your Switch & Load to create three separate 'load' connections. If your circuit has more than three luminaires then use one inlet on your initial Splitter to connect another Splitter. Repeat as needed.  
  • The Jokari FKZ Flat Wire Automatic Stripper is a high quality, automatic wire stripper which is suitable for PVC-insulated flat cables with widths of up 12mm and diameters from 0.75 to 2.5mm², such as twin and earth. We recommend these wire strippers when using Quickwire products.
    • Ergonomic, automatic wire stripper for PVC-insulated flat cables with widths of up 12 mm and diameters from 0.75 to 2.5 mm²
    • Unlimited stripping range
    • Optical length scale 15-18-20 mm
    • No diameter adjustments necessary
    • Hardened, exchangeable blades
    • includes a built-in wire bending hole to provide an effective termination for conductors up to 2.5 mm²