QuickwireTM – The prewired, maintenance free junction box

Quickwire maintenance free junction box
  • Dramatic time savings
  • Wire all 4 connections in 7 seconds
  • Prewired with clearly labelled cable inlets.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Screwless push-fit design.
  • No screws, clips, clamps, or covers – no fuss!
  • Fits through 32mm hole.
  • Reusable

Quickwire is an innovative, time-saving alternative to a traditional junction box, designed to help electricians save significant installation time on site. All 4 connections can be wired in 7 seconds. Simply strip your wire, then push it into the push fit connectors for quick and easy screwless termination. 

It’s That Simple!

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prewired maintenance free junction box

Using Quickwire – A Single Push & Click

The simplicity of Quickwire means that it can be installed in a matter of seconds. Each of the 4 cables simply needs to be pushed into the correct inlet, until you hear a click. Then you’re done.

Traditional Junction box

Traditional Methods – Wiring The Hard Way

A traditional junction box requires a lot of work. Live, neutral, earth and switch live need to be separated and individually manipulated into the correct terminals, then screwed down to fix into place. Mistakes can be made, and the limited space inside it makes difficult to get the wires where they need to go. This is where our prewired maintenance free junction box comes in.

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eFIXX Review Quickwire

Gaz and Joe - the YouTube celebrities - have made another Quickwire video! This time it's a more in depth review of our Quickwire Switch and Load junction box. If you're looking for an an easy to understand walk through of the Quickwire system then this is the video for you. A clear, concise (and very positive) review -- Thanks guys!

Thomas Nagy Reviews Quickwire

Recently we gave Thomas some Quickwire junction boxes to get his take on the product. After a nail biting wait, we're pleased to report the review is in, and - although  he did insists on tying it to the back of his van as a stress test - Thomas gave Quickwire his seal of approval, and a big thumbs up.

Efixx Quickwire Time Trial

Gaz and Joe - The You Tube Sensations - have made a great little video. They decided to put a Quickwire switch & Load head to head with a traditional Junction box. The results are pretty hilarious, and (as you should probably guess) Quickwire are the clear winners.

Pouse Around The House Review

'Pouse Around The House' is a hugely popular Youtube channel, run by the famous Pous himself. He's recently given Quickwire a fantastic review. 

Elex Coventry – another successful show

Elex Coventry proved to be another successful show for us - possibly boosted by our position next to the bacon sandwich counter. It was a great two days of meeting people, and we ended up with a new wiring challenge record!

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