Introducing QuickwireTM

The revolutionary prewired, maintenance free junction box

Quickwire maintenance free junction box
  • Dramatic time savings
  • Wire all 4 connections in 7 seconds
  • Prewired with clearly labelled cable inlets.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Screwless push-fit design.
  • No screws, clips, clamps, or covers – no fuss!
  • Fits through 32mm hole.
  • Reusable

Quickwire – The revolutionary prewired maintenance free junction box

Quickwire is an innovative, time-saving alternative to a traditional junction box, designed to help electricians save significant installation time on site. All 4 connections can be wired in 7 seconds. Simply strip your wire, then push it into the push fit connectors for quick and easy screwless termination. 

It’s That Simple!

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prewired maintenance free junction box

Using Quickwire – A Single Push & Click

The simplicity of Quickwire means that it can be installed in a matter of seconds. Each of the 4 cables simply needs to be pushed into the correct inlet, until you hear a click. Then you’re done.

Traditional Junction box

Traditional Methods – Wiring The Hard Way

A traditional junction box requires a lot of work. Live, neutral, earth and switch live need to be separated and individually manipulated into the correct terminals, then screwed down to fix into place. Mistakes can be made, and the limited space inside it makes difficult to get the wires where they need to go. This is where our prewired maintenance free junction box comes in.

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Elex Coventry proved to be another successful show for us - possibly boosted by our position next to the bacon sandwich counter. It was a great two days of meeting people, and we ended up with a new wiring challenge record!

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EC4U Review Quickwire

'Electrician Courses 4 U' have awarded Quickwire a fantastic five star review.  The expert trainers at EC4U used their training facilities to set up and test both the Quickwire Splitter and the Switch and load.

Quickwire Launch At Elex Harrogate

Elex Harrogate is a hands on regional trade exhibition featuring new products, practical demonstrations and talks by industry experts. A perfect venue to launch Quickwire.

“This is one of the fastest connectors I’ve seen in a long time!”

Steve Richards, Edmundson Electrical, Bournemouth