Spotlight On Switch & Load

At Quickwire, we like to think we’re revolutionizing the electrical industry with our clever and innovative fast fit junction boxes. British made, and designed to save valuable time for the installer, our products boast a unique solution that streamlines the installation process for electricians.

Today we’re putting the spotlight on our ‘Switch & Load’ junction box, so here are a couple of scenarios where our products can help the installer to save time, money, and effort.

3-plate junction box for lighting

Add a modern light fitting into an existing three plate scenario

A Quickwire Switch & Load has many uses, but this is a problem it solves particularly well. Many UK homes have electrical wiring from the 1960s or later, where lighting circuits are installed using the three plate method within a ceiling rose.

Although this is actually quite efficient as it allows for less cable runs, and avoids back boxes stuffed full of connections, you can encounter problems when you turn up to a job and are asked to fit a modern light fitting into a three plate set up. Often, new fittings do not come with a wiring compartment with the space or ability to allow you to recreate the three plate method.

3-plate junction box for lighting

This is where a Quickwire Switch & Load comes to the rescue. It comes equipped with a loop in, loop out, switch and a load connection. This means you can simply disconnect the old ceiling rose and reconnect the existing cables into the Quickwire junction box. For the load output, simply connect an additional piece of T&E and wire this into the light fitting.

It only takes a few minutes, and best of all a Switch & Load is so tiny it can be pushed up into the ceiling void without having to widen the existing hole more than 35mm. It also conforms to BS 5733-MF, making it a maintenance-free junction box. For a bit more insight, here’s  a great video from Gaz at GSH Electrical:

Adding a new loft light.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to be crawling around in loft spaces. Freezing in winter, a sauna in summer – There are better places to spend your time. So, when it comes to adding a loft light into a previously unlit loft space, you’ll thank yourself for having a Quickwire Switch & Load handy.

Locate a supply from an existing cable in the loft and after safe isolation, chop it in half. Now, strip the cable and connect into the loop in, and loop out of a Quickwire Switch & Load. At this point the original circuit you tapped into is sound once more, but you also now have a switched live and a load output for a new light, courtesy of the Switch & Load.

All that remains to be done is to connect up a new light switch to the switch input and your new loft light to the load. That’s it, you’re done. Now quick… get out of that loft.

For more info on doing the above, have a look at this example here: