Quickwire Release New T-Connector Plug & Socket

Plug and socket for lighting

You’ve been asking us for a Quickwire prewired junction box that can be used with flexible cable since we first launched our Quickwire Splitter and Switch & Load. Well we have good news: Our Design Team have been working hard to come up with the perfect solution; our new Quickwire Plug in T-Connector. This new product offers the same dramatic time-savings and ease of use as all Quickwire Junction Boxes, and is perfect for use in conjunction with downlighters.

So, what is the T-Connector? To put it simply, it’s a pluggable Quickwire Junction Box. The plug accepts flexible cable (usually to wire up a downlight), and the socket consists of two Quickwire solid core Twin and Earth, loop in loop out connections.

The socket is connected at 1st fix, to create a lighting spine. The T-Connector plug is then wired to a light fitting and simply plugged into the socket at 2nd fix. The T-connector, once plugged together will even fit through a hole in the ceiling as small as 30mm diameter, making it suitable for the tiniest of downlights.

The Plug

The plug provides a convenient connect/disconnect at each lighting point and accepts flexible cable. Once your plug is wired it simply plugs into the T-Connector Socket completing your connection to the lighting spine. The plug accepts 0.5 up to 1.5mm, 2 or 3-core flexible cable, and comes opened up ready to wire. Unlike most plugs available today ours have smooth lead-ins into each terminal, designed to avoid wandering copper strands. Once wired, snap the one piece plug together (no screws) and in doing so your cable is automatically sheath gripped.

Plug For Lighting

The Socket

The T-Connector socket has all the benefits of two Quickwire connections: screwless, push-fit terminals, which enable connection in seconds. It accepts 2 x 1mm or 2 x 1.5mm Twin and Earth cables.

Socket For Lighting

T-Connector products available on the website

T-Connector Plug & Socket

This listing is for a standard T-Connector plug and socket. The plug comes open and ready to wire.

T-Connector Prewired Plug & Socket

This listing is for a T-Connector plug and socket, but the plug comes prewired with flexible cable. (optional lengths available.)