Switch & Load Junction Box

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The Quickwire Switch & Load allows for two power connections, one switch connection and one load connection.

Use the first power inlet to connect power to your circuit. Plug-in your luminaire and switch cable to complete your circuit. Each cable inlet is prewired, and labelled for quick and simple identification.

To take power on to a new circuit/room simply connect another Switch and Load using the second power inlet.

If you want to connect multiple luminaires you can use a Quickwire Splitter.


Rating 16A 250Va.c.

Overcurrent protection limited to 16A

Standards BS EN 60670-22

BS 5733-MF

Conductor Size 1.0mm² – 1.5mm² Twin & Earth (CPC) Solid cores
Class 1 (conductors)
Dimensions 23mm x 31mm x 84mm (cable entries inserted)
IP Rating IP30

Cut and strip the 1.0mm² / 1.5mm² solid core, flat twin and earth cable as shown above:

Step 1

Orientate and align pre-cut cable and insert into appropriate cable entry point. Each wire should guide itself into the correct terminal. Push cable until there is resistance.

Step 2

Check there is a sufficient length of outer cable sheath availabe for clamping.(fig.1) and that an unbroken length of conductor occupies the full extent of the window (fig.2).

Step 3

Push cable until it snaps into place. Repeat process for additional cables. Push in any unused cable entries.

Step 1

Mounting Clip

If required the Quickwire can be fitted onto a surface using the Quickwire mounting clip (order separately). Warning: Do not cover

Step 1

Mount removal tool. Place thumb on thumb grip and using other hand, squeeze side arms so they locate beneath the snaps.

Step 2

Press down on thumb grip and push forward until removal tool stops.

Step 3

Release removal tool and pull out cable.

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