Thomas Nagy Reviews Quickwire

Recently we gave Thomas some Quickwire junction boxes to get his take on the product. After a nail biting wait, we're pleased to report the review is in, and - although  he did insists on tying it to the back of his van as a stress test - Thomas gave Quickwire his seal of approval, and a big thumbs up.

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Efixx Quickwire Time Trial

Gaz and Joe - The You Tube Sensations - have made a great little video. They decided to put a Quickwire switch & Load head to head with a traditional Junction box. The results are pretty hilarious, and (as you should probably guess) Quickwire are the clear winners.

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EC4U Review Quickwire

'Electrician Courses 4 U' have awarded Quickwire a fantastic five star review.  The expert trainers at EC4U used their training facilities to set up and test both the Quickwire Splitter and the Switch and load.

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