Quickwire Products

Quickwire products have a wide range of applications and uses. Here are a selection of videos to help you get acquainted.

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eFixx: Using Quickwire On A Ring Final Circuit
The Quickwire Switch & Load and Splitter
The Quickwire T-Connector Plug & Socket
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Switch & Load Prewired Junction Box

A prewired junction box with everything you need for a switched lighting circuit.

A Quickwire Switch & Load has two power connections (loop in, loop out), one switched connection, and a Load connection. For more information see the Switch & Load product page.

Quickwire Switch & Load Junction Box

Splitter Prewired Junction Box

Split your lighting circuit up to four ways

A splitter junction box has 4 inputs/outputs with each one connected to the other. Use it to extend or split a supply or switched circuit as needed. For more information see the Splitter product page.

Quickwire Splitter maintenance free junction box

T-Connector Plug & Socket

A Quickwire equipped plug and socket

The plug-in T-Connector is a 3 pole plug and socket: The plug accepts flexible cable whilst the socket consists of two Quickwire solid core twin and earth, loop in loop out connections. We can also supply the plugs with prewired flexible cable. For more information see the T-Connector product page or the Prewired T Connector product page.