eFIXX Review Quickwire

Gaz and Joe – the YouTube celebrities – have made another Quickwire video! This time it’s a more in depth review of our Quickwire Switch & Load junction box. If you’re looking for an an easy to understand walk through of the Quickwire system then this is the video for you. A clear, concise (and very positive) review — Thanks guys!

Gaz and Joe together with their talented team launched eFIXX last year. Building on the popularity of their already very popular GSH Electrical YouTube channel, eFIXX gave them a platform to house all of their extensive industry knowledge in one place. These guys are definitely worth checking out! Their videos are  more entertaining than most of the stuff out there, and they’re great guys too. Highly recommended!

Why not head over to the eFIXX Website. And don’t forget to subscribe to their efixx Youtube Channel too!