New Fire Rated Downlight From Quickwire/Ricoman

In an exciting new venture, Quickwire have teamed up with Ricoman – A Manchester based lighting company –  to provide a market leading fire rated downlight that comes factory fitted with a Quickwire plug & socket. This unique partnership offers a quality fire/I-Joist rated, colour switchable downlight with unrivalled connection speeds.

Plug and socket for lighting

Switchable Colour Temperature

Colour temperature switching technology has become increasingly popular. Our downlights come with two colour temperature options: 3000K or 4000K. The 3000K gives a warm, cosy feel – great for situations where a room is used predominantly for relaxation purposes. In contrast the 4000k offers a brighter cleaner tone, perfect for focus in work areas.

If a user changes their mind after the downlights are installed, the tone can be easily changed without removing the fitting, using a switch that’s conveniently located behind the bezel.

Plug For Lighting

Bezel Choices

Bezel choices can really affect the design and overall look of a room. With this in mind we’ve been sure to provide a range of finishes for our downlights. Choose from white, chrome, brushed chrome or black. These are all easily interchangeable with a simple twist and click.

Socket For Lighting

Downlight Specs:

  • Equipped with a Quickwire T-Connector plug & socket
  • Switchable colour temperature 3000K or 4000K
  • 30/60/90 min fire rated for solid and I-joist ceilings
  • Shallow 53mm depth
  • Cut out 70mmØ
  • High ingress protection (IP65 front, IP54 back)
  • Mains dimmable integrated driver
  • Easy access to switch colour temperature via switch behind bezel
  • 6W delivering ~600 lumens
  • TP(a) rated polycarbonate diffuser
  • White bezel as standard. Chrome, brushed chrome and black options available.

Downlight products available on the website:

Quickwire/Ricoman Downlight

Our Quickwire downlights come fitted with a T-Connector plug and socket and are supplied with a white bezel as standard.

Interchangeable Bezels

Each downlight is supplied with a white bezel as standard, but additional finish options are available to purchase here.

Ricoman Bezels