Quickwire Launch At Elex Harrogate

The Quickwire Team

Elex Harrogate is a hands on regional trade exhibition featuring new products, practical demonstrations and talks by industry experts -a perfect venue to launch Quickwire.

As a company we were excited (and a little apprehensive) to finally get the product in the hands of the experts who will be using them. We designed Quickwire, so obviously we think it’s pretty amazing, but would they?

The short answer is yes, yes they definitely did! In fact, it went down even better than we’d expected. The product received a brilliant reception, and we got some truly fantastic feedback. It was an exhausting two days, but it was well worth the effort.

In order to demonstrate how fast Quickwire really is, we devised a special wiring time challenge. It’s fairly self explanatory – just wire up  a Quickwire junction box as fast as you can. Before the show the fastest time was held by our MD, and it was an impressive 7 seconds.

We were amazed when this target was improved upon by over 2 seconds! The winning time was quite staggering, and certainly makes you think when you compare it to the time taken to wire a traditional junction box. The top three times over the show were as follows:

Third Place

On day one, Ben Calvert managed to wire up a Quickwire junction box in just under 5:04 seconds, smashing our in house record of 7 seconds! What can we say, we’ll have to get practicing.

5:04 Seconds!

Second Place

The second fastest time was recorded on day two, by Martin Harrison. Everyone was pretty amazed when he managed to wire all four connections in 4:52 seconds.

4:52 Seconds!

First Place

The Quickest time recorded over the entire two day event was from Paul Horsman, with an incredibly fast 4:48 seconds. I’m not sure we’d have believed it if we hadn’t seen him do it in front of us. Well done, Paul. We hope you enjoy your prize!

4:48 Seconds!