Quickwire Take Front Page On ECN!

Quickwire are the cover story of the June 2017 edition of ECN. The in depth article covers everything from detailed product explanations to comments from the designer himself. Read the article in ECN or see below for a short excerpt. Word is out, and things are starting to get very interesting indeed!

Quickwire Take Front Page Of ECN
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Wiring Just Got Quicker!

Quickwire is an innovative, time saving alternative to a traditional junction box from the maker of the flex7 lighting connection and control system. The prewired junction box has been designed to help electricians save significant installation time on site – all four connections can be wired in seven seconds. Simply strip your cable then push it into the push-fit connectors for quick and easy, screwless termination.

The push-fit design completely negates the need for fiddly screws, clamps, clips or covers. The Quickwire junction box is prewired with clearly labelled entry points, for error free wiring, and its compact design means it will fit through a 32mm diameter hole in the ceiling. How does it work? First, strip your cable to size, then without further preparation simply push it into one of the two power inlets until you hear a click. Using exactly the same method plug your switch into the ‘switch’ inlet, and your luminaire into the ‘load’ inlet. If you need to take power on to the next room just use the remaining ‘power’ inlet. To connect multiple luminaires use the ‘load’ inlet to plug-in a Quickwire Splitter, rather than an individual luminaire. The Splitter provides three extra ‘load’ inlets. Using splitters in conjunction with the switch and load junction boxes allows for larger, more complicated lighting circuits. And of course, because they use the same revolutionary push-fit technology they can be connected in seconds.

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